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Let us help you build a Golf Tourism Strategy

Its time to get your business on top of the leaderboard of golf marketing! We are here to customize the exact plan that will suit your business vision, your specific demographics and budget. 

Golf Tourism Strategy simplified.

The strategy would be customized to meet your needs.  What we have to offer as part of our program is outlined below.  If there is anything within that you think might be a fit please let me know.

Our Golf Tourism Strategy focuses on driving Website Visitation resulting in Awareness and Sales (ROI) and can include:

  • A complete analysis of golf, accommodations and amenities tht would pertain to a golf and tourism strategy.
  • Information would be used for key messages in press releases, website content, direct marketing messages and social media.
  • Distribution of Press Releases to Golf Media Worldwide.
  • FAM Trips for Tour Operators and Media (usually separate)  Not only do we have access to over 600 of the top tour operators worldwide but also to top Media from around the world.
  • Advising and placement of Direct to Consumer advertising.
  • Develop or enhance product position with in the Trade.
  • Develop or enhance Private Sector relations.
  • Advise on joint marketing between your Tourism Board and the Private Sector.
  • Advise on joint marketing between the Private Sector and International Golf Tour Operators.
  • Provide simple tracking solutions for the private sector to monitor growth, and success for the program.

From basic to comprehensive multimedia marketing campaigns including online, print, radio, television, direct mail, trade and consumer events and public relations our professional team at Lakeview Productions will work with you, within your budget and ensure that campaigns receive complete attention, seamless execution and follow through.

We specialize in reaching golfers because we are golfers and speak their language and know how they think.  As members and the North American representatives of the International Golf Tour Operators Association we know that over 80% of traveling golfers are over the age of 45.  They do research on-line but if you are not reaching out to them with other mediums you are not maximizing return on investment.

We can do it all for you!

  • Web / On-line
  • Print
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Trade & Consumer Events
  • Event Entertainment
  • Direct Mail

Mountains to Midlands Golf Alliance

Lakeview Productions offers an integrated web site solutions program that lets you control and make simple changes to your site without having to call anyone. Keep it simple and save money!

We can help you develop campaigns and tools to increase traffic as well as develop a high presence with search engines through social media, your own blog’s e-newsletter, and database management.


We have hosted North American Media on FAM Trips since 1999!

FAM Trips

  • Turnkey planning, hosting and execution.
  • Pre FAM preparation and post FAM follow up.
  • Press release distribution.
  • Full reports on media placements.
  • Invite targeted golf travel media to visit on an individual basis.


Additional PR Services:

  • Write and distribute press releases/media pitches/ghost-written stories every month to 500-
    plus journalists highlighting client’s golf lifestyle and travel experience and matching with
    appropriate media editorial calendars.
  • Lead strategy sessions and create the golf package offers, promotions, themes, message
    points and specifically tailored feature story angles that will be used to attract interest and
    coverage from a wide array of media outlets.
  • Deliver monthly status report of all activities and copies of all coverage.
  • We will also help with you social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
We Have Been Around the Show Business for a While!!!

Should consumer shows and events be a part of your overal marekting mix?  Budget permitting – ABSOLUTELY!

Lakeview Productions Inc has been active in the Trade and Consumer industry both as a show producer and exhibitor since 1984.  Our history includes being involved in the start up of major consumer golf shows in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and London.
Trade & Consumer shows can be a very effective part of your overall marketing mix!

Currently we assist our clients with all facets of exhibiting in shows and events.

Our services include:

  • Representation
  • Purchasing of Exhibit Space or Sponsorships
  • Booth Signage, Display Materials, Collateral materials
  • Arranging Show Services
  • Customs and Shipping
  • Arranging Transportation and Accommodations.
  • Pre-Show Advertising and Public Relations


Let us take the guess work out of it for you!

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