The Canadian Golf Market: Why Canada, eh?

Canada has one of the highest per capita golf demographics in the world with the shortest local playing season. So you know these golfers are going to travel to play!

Need to know: 85% of travel out of Canada is from the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Canadian golfers/travellers are a very valuable commodity!

  • A higher yield traveller with an average length of stay in the 7-8 night range.
  • #1 US destination for Canadians is Florida – over 60 flights per week out of Toronto alone!
  • Over 65% of Canadians travel by automobile on their vacations
  • Over 80% of golfers that travel are males over the age of 40

The 40+ demographic will research golf destinations online, but it is still necessary to reach out to them through print and other various media.

Canadian travel to the US is currently at record levels! 

  • In 2014, 23 million Canadians visited the United States, which accounted for 30.8% of total international travel to the USA
  • Canadians spent over $27.2 billion while on vacation  
  • Canadian residents made 8.6 million overnight trips abroad in the first quarter of 2015, with spending totalling $10.0 billion. Of these trips, 5.1 million had the United States as its destination, accounting for $5.2 billion worth of spending

While it may be apparent that Canadians would primarily travel during the off season to get away from the long cold winters, that is simply not the case. Canadians love to travel to play golf all year long frequenting summer destinations in Canada such as Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia on the east coast and the courses of the Rockies in the West. Many bordering US States such as Michigan, New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania and West Virginia are also popular as are jaunts overseas to destinations such as Scotland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.


Are you getting your share of this lucrative market?