Proper Destination Branding

Since it is Friday, nobody likes to think too much as they prepare for the weekend.  We figured it was appropriate to share a list of 40 words that are so overused when describing destinations!  Be sure to steer clear of this list when creating a slogan for your property or area, get creative and put some thought into it.  Branding your destination is extremely important as it will be the first impression people have!  If you want to do the right thing then you should call us at Lakeview Productions today as we have been successfully branding our clients since 1999 providing the best return on their marketing initiatives!
  • Explore
  • Unlike anywhere else
  • So much to see and do
  • Where the seasons come to life
  • Historic downtown
  • Center of it all (have you ever gone anywhere because it was the center of anything?)
  • Something for everyone (have you ever gone anywhere because they had something for everyone?)
  • The perfect getaway (or place)
  • The place for families
  • Start your vacation here
  • Recreational paradise
  • Take a look!
  • Outdoor recreation (name a place that doesn’t have this)
  • Your playground
  • So much history
  • So much to offer
  • The place for all ages
  • Best kept secret
  • We have it all
  • Experience…
  • Visit (name of destination)
  • Beauty and heritage
  • Gateway (a gateway is something you pass through to go somewhere else)
  • Close to it all
  • Right around the corner
  • Discover
  • Unique (so overused it’s come to mean “just like everyone else”)
  • Four season destination
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Naturally fun (anything with the word “natural” in it)
  • … and so much more
  • Home away from home
  • A slice of heaven
  • It’s all right here
  • Recreation unlimited
  • A great place to live, work and play (the most overused slogan in the world)
  • Location, location, location
  • Open for business
  • Your adventure place (anything with the word adventure in it)
  • Unique shops & restaurants

“Billions are wasted every year in destination marketing because the message is mundane, overused, and just like everyone else,” said Roger Brooks, a famed travel industry expert, board member of the U.S. Travel Association and author of Your Town: A Destination – The 25 Immutable Rules of Successful Tourism.

When marketing DMOs online, and creating destination marketing messages that are both evocative and impactful, Brooks urges his clients to memorize three words – Jettison The Generic. “If your message can fit anyone, toss it and start over,” Brooks said.

Take time to brand yourself properly, or better yet, call us today and we can get you started on the right foot!





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