If you are a Resort or Destination Area that is not working with tour operators then you are probably wasting your time being on this website because I would suspect that you are 100% booked up at all times, and do not need any more business!  But since you are here…

Step One:  Understanding How Tour Operators Work!!

Let’s first erase the misconception that working with tour operators costs you money.  Unless of course your hotel or golf course is full 100% of the time!

You can have a mutually agreeable arrangement with a tour operator.  However, if they call to make a booking at a time when the agreed upon rate is not good for you to accept, you can simply tell them that you are sorry but have no availability for that time period.

Good reputable Tour Operators that have been around for a while generally have invested heavily in developing and maintaining data bases of clients and potential clients that you may never get to communicate with.  NEW UNTAPPED BUSINESS!

These Tour Operators are constantly active in developing their data base and communicating with that data base in search of presenting stay & play golf packages that their subscribers will find intriguing and want to book. 

Seems pretty easy so far…

You do need to pay them for the business that they send you!   The payment is in the form of a discount in the 20% – 30% range from your real rack rates, not inflated rates.  This is so they can sell your properties at the same price that you can sell your packages at.  This must be a mutually beneficial program so the end consumer does not question rates, and all can be transparent.

 Remember a couple of things:

  • You have done virtually nothing to get this business.
  • You are gaining revenue for rooms and tee times that would have probably gone unused.
  • The guests are spending additional money at your respective properties.
  • You would not have these clients if not for the efforts of the tour operator.
  • Tour operators have overheads too!

An added bonus is that once you have received these clients you will or should be able to capture contact information and then you too can communicate with your new clients.

You can never have too many good Tour Operators working on your behalf!