Evaluate your advertising

10 Questions to Evaluate Your Advertisement

If there is one thing you will notice it is that advertising is everyone and it takes a very sharp ad to get ones attention through all of the clutter.

Here are 10 questions to ask about any print advertisement.

  1. Is the advertisement focused on communicating your community/ product promise?
  2. Does the advertisement make you want to learn more?
  3. Do you feel rewarded for having invested the time to read the advertisement?
  4. Is the advertisement distinctive so you’ll stop to read it?
  5. Does the idea focus on the benefit of your community/ product promise?
  6. Is the advertising idea meaningful to your target audience?
  7. Does the advertisement make you think AND make you feel something?
  8. Is there drama in the advertisement that brings the benefit to life?
  9. Does the advertisement visualize the benefit?
  10. Does the advertisement include an authentic reason to believe the benefit will be experienced?
Are you going through the thought process to ensure your advertising is effective or are you still taking your marketing dollars for granted?  Lakeview Productions has been effectively getting the attention of the right audiences for our clients since 1999.  Are you ready to make the most of your marketing efforts yet?  Give us a call today to find out how!

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